Why Femme Strong?


After my husband, David, passed away I made the very tough decision to discontinue my previous blog/brand. It was too much for me at the time and because that was something him and I started I couldn’t see myself moving forward with that brand specifically.


I knew in my heart that eventually I would be in a better headspace and launch a new brand/business. Wellness and motivating women has always been a great passion of mine, it only grew stronger when I began my fitness journey back in December 2019.

Femme Strong is not only an athleisure brand for women. This is more than just a clothing brand, it is a story. It is my story, your story, her story, our story. It’s a brand for all women that have found strength in their own journey. For women who were broken down and got back up, for women that never gave up, for women who believe in their potential, and for women that push themselves!


Embracing our strength together ~


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